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This was a great annual event:  the fabulous Gaille Smith from IndieRoad and I created the Ramble as we believe there is so much more to a ball of wool than its size, colour and cost.  People want to know where it comes from, what the challenges are to produce it, how much passion is required to produce a wonderful product.  So we like to create tours that keeps this in focus, also visiting some beautiful areas and properties along the way. 

  • What is the Yarn Ramble? - it's like a pub crawl but for those who love their yarn. It involves Ramblers travelling to different stopovers and reaping the benefits of discounts, gifts and knowledge about the wonderful world of yarns and textiles.

  • Yarn Ramble is brought to you by Creative Incentives - our brief lies in the textile industry, where we pride ourselves in showcasing the complete package – from farm to yarn or Ag to Art. 

  • Held between Monday 10th to Sunday 16th July 2017

  • Ramblers are invited to independently visit many shops, mills and farms around the inner and outer suburbs of Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria.

  • This is a great opportunity to showcase the wonderment of yarn and realise the passion of those who create and work with yarn.

  •  There's a few different ways to Ramble as you can see below -  it all begins with registration...


This enables you to participate in the Yarn Ramble.  You'll receive a fabulous tote that you can fill with woolly goodies as you ramble to the stopovers around Victoria.  The aim is to visit as many stopovers as you can within the week of the Ramble - how many and how you get there is up to you.  We'll supply a map of the stopover locations and your trusty passport to have stamped at each stopover that you visit - then send your stamped passport back to us to go into the draw for a wonderful prize - our grand prize being 2 nights accommodation at The Farmers Cottage at Tarndie! 


Once you register, you have fantastic options to enhance your Yarn Ramble experience.   They include: 

  •  Walking tour around Melbourne

  • Welcome Dinner 

  • Tour of Western District with overnight stay at Tarndie

  • Day trip to Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show.

Additional prices for each option are included on the registration page.  Click below to register.  

A handy thing to note - some of the stopovers are setting up market stands at the Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo which will give you the option to collect your stamp at either venue.


You've registered and will be visiting numerous stopovers on the passport at your own pace.  If you join us on the All Strings 1 or 2 option, you'll be included in two of the regional trips where you can get some stopovers marked off on your passport without having to get there yourself.  .  

  All Strings 1 or 2 includes a tour of Melbourne on Monday 10th July with a wonderful dinner meeting other Ramblers.  

Plus, on Tuesday 11th July we travel to the Western District visiting Great Ocean Road Woollen Mills, Geelong Wool Museum and will stay overnight at the magnficient Tarndie property near Birregurra.

Then  either Friday 14th or Saturday 15th July we will travel up to Bendigo to enjoy the Sheep and Wool Show with a few treats along the way.

I've attached a suggested itinerary for the Yarn Ramble - with some other ideas to see our wonderful state.  Up to you what you choose to do.

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