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Quant-ifyingly Fabulous

Bendigo Beauty


Once again a huge hooray to Bendigo Art Gallery for curating another fantastic exhibition from London's Victoria & Albert Museum,  Mary Quant: Fashion Revolutionary from late March to July this year.

A blend of fun, function and fabulous is how I would describe the wonderful offerings at Bendigo Art Gallery in the Mary Quant: Fashion Revolutionary Exhibition.  April saw Cregan Creative travel to Bendigo with two different tours, two different days, two different lunches and two groups of lovely ladies but the  focus remained  the same - Mary Quant was a force to be reckoned with!

What a joyous collection of clothing - colours popping, kneecaps showing and general "poo-pooing" of the rules at the time.  And as Dame Mary Quant once said, "Rules are invented for lazy people who don’t want to think for themselves” - well huzzah -  this exhibition slammed these words down front and centre! 

Sustenance was provided via high tea at Cafe Essence  before we meandered through the colourful alleys and Rosalind Park direct to the gallery. Bendigo providing those wonderful merchants that have something special to offer. 

Did someone mention gin? Gin was also a feature on these tours - different locations and botanicals but all made with passion and pride in the gin capital of Victoria, the Macedon Ranges (just my call - not that of the State).  Shout out to Animus Distillery and Big Tree Distillery, who both offer terrific gin experiences.

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