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Our Rambles are on again this year - June in Tasmania and July in Victoria. Two different events but bound together by the love of fibres, wonderful producers and textiles and beautiful environments.  Here is a quick stickybeak of what goes on but for more info check out our Yarn Ramble website

Yarn Ramble Tasmania is a road trip visiting some wonderful producers, checking out some great shops and visiting iconic areas of our southernmost state: it begins on June 20th with a few days in Hobart staying in town amongst the mayhem and madness of Dark MOFO, and finishes in Launceston on Thursday 28th June. We provide all accommodation, transport, some meals and workshops.  We like to find out the story behind the product - the ever-present passion that exists with artisans.

Click here to look at the itinerary - for those who haven't travelled to Tasmania before, this trip will be a wonderful eye-opener that will have you coming back for more.  Meet you in Hobart.....

With Yarn Ramble Victoria, the aim is to visit as many stopovers as you can within the week of the Ramble, 14th - 22nd July - how many and how you get there is up to you - click here for our list of shops, mills & farms. To begin, it's free to register - you'll receive a downloadable/printable map of Victoria and a passport page that can be stamped at each stopover that you visit as you ramble your way around Victoria. Each stopover is offering some kind of discount or incentive to get you to into their establishment.  And for those with the most authorised stamps on their passport at the end of the week, they go into the draw for a terrific prize of woolly goodies.  But the real bonus is you get to see, touch and purchase some wonderful fibres and also, as you are so efficient, get to visit some terrific new places you haven't been before!

But the best thing of the Ramble is that we can take you to visit most of these stopovers - we'll be running both day and overnight trips which will be a bit of fun - here is our proposed itinerary - you can register for any or all of these trips - let us do the driving - it takes the hassle out of everything!

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