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Balenciaga - Shaping Fashion

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Cristóbal Balenciaga: the name conjures up exquisite gowns worn by the rich and famous.  He started with a boutique in San Sebastian in 1917 but was forced to close due to war and by the time he moved to Paris some 15 years later, all of the "to do" wanted to wear his creations.

A magnificent exhibition is coming to Australia from the Victoria and Albert Museum and curated by our very own wunderkind at Bendigo Art Gallery.  August is when it lands and Cregan Creative will be there!

Balenciaga, the brand, is now owned by a big french fashion house and worn these days by the likes of Kylie Jenner and the influencers but we'll be transported back to a wonderful time in fashion when balloon skirts and cocoon coats were a thing!

I've curated my own event, a quick "frockation" if you will, in Bendigo that will give you a wonderful introduction into this terrific regional city.

The fun begins as you board your train departing from Southern Cross at 9.02am on Sunday 29th September and travel for 1 hour to the lovely town of Kyneton.  I'll meet you at the train station where a few of us will join you for the next part of the journey to Bendigo.

Then we'll enjoy the colour and movement that is the Balenciaga exhibition at the Gallery.

Then it's a short drive to Harcourt and the terrific Bress. We'll do a wine tasting and tour and then it's time for lunch in the award winning Bress Restaurant.  Around 3pm we'll drive back to Kyneton.  Price is $130 and includes:

  • Transport from Bendigo to Bress and back to Kyneton

  • Entry to Exhibition: Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion

  • Wine tasting, tour & 3 course lunch at Bress (alcohol at lunch not included)

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