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Let me show you the way

I love events and touring.  I love being at them, on them AND arranging them for others.  I've been a born organiser all of my life and spent many years working with different groups creating all sorts of experiences, whether it be company incentives, conferences, bespoke walking tours or other special days: anything at all from a business or leisure market perspective.  

Originally a Melbourne girl, I love to show it off - just quietly, we've won the most liveable city many times now. We are spoilt for choice to host events in our wonderful state of Victoria and we do them well: let me remind you that within sixty minutes from the city are some fabulous wine growing regions - our regional areas have so much to offer.  Watch out - I've discovered the beauty of regional Victoria first hand and can't wait to introduce you to her wonders.

But if it's the city you want we have the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Writers' Festival , Australian Open Tennis and the Spring Racing Carnival just to name a few - one of these could be the focus of your event and then we add other options whilst you're here. Or maybe something far more eclectic and unique - Arts and Culture are high up on our agenda with all sorts of festivals at different times of the year: quiz me and I can come up with something to fit within your budget and timings - I love a challenge! FYI we seem to be the "go to" state when it comes to musicals - just sayin'...

And I am so very proud of our local suppliers who offer all sorts of products and services that will always be my first "go to" when working out an event for you.

So, that being said, give me a hint of what you need and I can work out the rest:  let's work together to create something fabulous.


Christina Cregan
Host and Guide
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