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Picnic Amongst the Peonies

Sunday 25 November 2018

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Spring Hill Peony Farm. 

To see these beautiful blooms in their natural habitat is quite breathtaking - to snip them off and take them home is even more pleasing!!

Our guests caught the train from Melbourne (and some drove) and then were welcomed with Prosecco and lady sandwiches before taking the bus over to Spring Hill Peony Farm, not 20 minutes away.  The Little Church was the site of our picnic enjoyed with local wines and then the guests walked up to the farm, around 700 metres towards the back of the property to pick their pretties.  The peonies are up there in their orderly rows, heads bouncing amongst the breeze, quite beautiful, in a selection of colours from crisp whites to delicious blends of pinks (did you know they carry the symbolic meaning of good fortune and a happy marriage, making them a very popular wedding flower?)  Very valid stuff, but their beauty is what we appreciate - and a subtle scent that is intoxicating - filling your room with joy!


Oh what fun was had - there were 19 guests, secateurs at the ready, hats firmly placed in position,  the sun beaming in the sky, picnicing on the lawn - the rest is history!  And a terrific day was had by all.

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